The Catholic University of America



Dear Families,

Your student is about to begin an exciting new journey and we at The Catholic University of America, understand that you will be beside your student every step of the way. You play an important role in your student's success.

Through the Orientation program we encourage students to learn and understand the expectations and offerings of the CUA community. We hope that you and your student will talk about expectations, responsibility, transitional fears, and exciting opportunities, both before and during orientation and throughout their time at CUA. In this light we have designed a family orientation program that moves in conjunction with the student orientation program. Students and families will be encouraged to attend many sessions together, while other sessions will be marked specifically for families or for students. All sessions marked for parents will be complete by the afternoon of Saturday, August 27.

If you have any questions over the course of the summer please call the Orientation program at 202-319-5627.

We look forward to seeing you in August!


Kathryn Jennings
Associate Vice President for Student Engagement


What should my role be when my son or daughter is a student at CUA?

One of your roles is to provide support for your son or daughter as he or she assumes responsibility for his or her life. Encourage him or her to take the initiative in making decisions instead of relying upon you. When your student speaks with you and wants you to solve his or her problems and concerns, let him or her know you care and help plan a strategy for...

Registering for the Family Program?

Parents and guests will register for Orientation at the same time as their son or daughter. Your student will be asked whether parents or guardians will be attending with them. It is important that you be included in their online registration so that the appropriate number of meals and materials are ordered. There is no fee associated with the family orientation program.