The Catholic University of America


The Orientation program facilitates the successful transition of new undergraduate students into Catholic University’s intellectual, social, and faith based communities; promotes student learning and development, encourages independence, and individual responsibility; and facilitates continued student success to graduation.

This is accomplished through programming that emphasizes the University’s academic and community expectations and social and developmental resources and opportunities.

Through personal connections with peer leaders, faculty, and administration, new students and their families will develop an introductory understanding and appreciation of the intellectual, social, and service opportunities available, and gain knowledge of campus and community resources


Affect the University's retention efforts through a model orientation program that helps students feel welcomed, connect with their new environment, explore their faith, understand expectations, and know where to seek support.

Establish a cohesive and comprehensive Orientation Extended program that more deeply explores what it means to be a student at CUA. Activities and programs will be directed toward student involvement, making connections with individuals and resources, academic success, and broadening student general knowledge of the University.

Sustain a rewarding student staff leadership experience that promotes interpersonal growth and development, and leads to an enhanced peer mentor relationship for new students.


Meet the Executive Staff!

 Ana Lincoln, M.A.

 Program Coordinator of Campus Activities
 Originally from Troy, Michigan; currently resides in Silver Spring, MD.


  • Undergraduate degree from Hope College in Communication
  • Graduate degree from Bowling Green State University in College Student Personnel
  • Favorite class taken in college: World Religions
  • Favorite extracurricular activity in college: Orientation
  • Favorite thing to do at CUA: Spend time with students
  • Favorite thing to do in DC: Run in Rock Creek Park and around the Tidal Basin
  • Random fun fact: Has seven siblings
  • One thing to do before you graduate: Tour the monuments at night                                                       


Kathryn Jennings, M.Ed

 Director of Campus Activities
 Originally from Pawcatuck, C.T.; currently resides in Washington, D.C.



  • Undergraduate degree from Fordham University in Media Studies and Women’s Studies
  • Graduate degree from the University of Maine in Higher Education Administration
  • Favorite class taken in college: Twentieth Century Women Writers
  • Favorite extracurricular activity in college: New Student Orientation
  • Favorite thing to do at CUA: Meet and talk with students
  • Favorite thing to do in DC: Walk around Eastern Market
  • Random fun fact: Spent a summer pulling lobster pots
  • One thing to do before you graduate: Go to all the Smithsonian’s






Meet the 2013 Orientation Advisors!

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